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3D & Video editing

You didn’t come this far to stop

Content creation I Direction I Montage

We develope the right visual narrative for your brand. Creating purpose driven video edits and generating outstanding fresh content.

Video content tailored for your brand. Drone filming is the unique perspective it brings to storytelling. Ensuring superior visual versatility in video content.

Short, snappily edited content is guaranteed to hold your audience's interest.
Ready-to-use content for social media, providing all formats perfect for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and more.

Video production I Aerial footage I Location filming
Social media video I Short video I Promotional video

Tell your story through video

Showcase your unique brand with Galaxnet

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Production process

Our team work closely with you to create video content that meets your goal.
From scriptwriting to filming and editing, the process of video production requires careful planning and execution.
Our aim is providing end-to-end solutions for all project to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Pre - production

Gathering all information about your brand, your target audience and what make your brand unique to ensure the content effectively hits its mark.


Developing concepts into production briefs, detailed the visuals for scenes of your video.


Production services

Capturing the best features, include location shooting, photography, b-roll footage.

Post - production

Editing raw footage into video, infucing graphics and we blend the sounds seamlessy to create the perfect video. By incorporating various visual and audio elements, such as graphics, background music, promotional videos can effectively communicate the unique selling points of a business and evoke the desired emotions in viewers



Your video is ready and now you have tailor-made, high-quality video. If you need to specific technical & distribution standard we have you covered.